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Commitment to Dental Excellence An avowed goal of IDA

Indian Dental Association is the sole countrywide platform of professionals whether in 'Service' or in 'private practice'. Founded by the "Father of Dentistry in India", Dr. R. Ahmed who is our very own pride person it has rich history and heritage. He was also the visionary and think tank in shaping its journal JIDA and paving the glorious path of it in our state. Now IDA- West Bengal State Branch has 8 Local Branches and represents thousands of dedicated dental professionals as its members. The Branches are Burdwan, Asansole, North Bengal, Howrah, Nadia, Purulia, Kolkata City and Midnapore.

IDA secures the dignity and honour of its members besides illuminating the image of the profession. IDA believes in the importance of oral health for each and every individual & leads the efforts towards attaining that goal, even in the remotest corner of the state, on its own and through its peripheral local branches. Through this website, we have made sincere efforts to provide valuable information of the dental profession in West Bengal as well as the IDA.            Read More

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Welcome to the official website of Indian Dental Association, West Bengal State Branch.

Dr. G B Shankwalkar, the doyen of Indian Periodontics, was born on 1st August and to commemorate his birth anniversary the Indian Society of Periodontology celebrates “Oral Hygiene Day” every year on the same day, to bring awareness of oral hygiene and also to stress the importance in preventing oral disease. Like every year, with commendable success, IDA West Bengal State Branch will celebrate Oral Hygiene Day on 1st August 2017 by performing several programmes like, Continuing Dental Education, Community Dental Health, Rally, Poster display, Brushing demo etc.